The following terms and conditions apply to all Sylvia Hodge students, PLEASE READ.

  1. Any materials, workbooks and hand-outs supplied by Sylvia Hodge must not be reproduced, a copied in any way or given to any person not attending SH courses, without written permission from Sylvia Hodge. All materials are “Copyright” of the college.
  2. The student/learner must undertake not to act in any way that would bring dishonor to, or lower the prestige of the college.
  3. The student/learner must undertake to maintain a proper appearance and manner while training. Appropriate working uniform should be worn for all courses. Shoes should be covered in and not have any cut-out toe areas or high heels. This is to conform to safety regulations. Learners attending all courses are not permitted to have false nails or nail polish,
  4. The college reserves the right to change any of the course’s content, course materials, tutor, training and assessment days.
  5. All deposits are non refundable. Students who postpone or cannot attend a course, without giving 14 days notice in writing, may incur a penalty and must rebook within 6 months or fee must be paid again. Anyone failing to attend a course without giving required notice will need to apply/pay for course again and arrange a further date. (No guarantee can be made for length of wait for next available date if this occurs, but we will endeavor to make the wait as short as possible depending on availability.) Sylvia Hodge will take individual situation/course availability into consideration. No refunds will be made once training has commenced, but we will endeavor to make available a further date, if you are unable to attend the dates booked if prior notice given (see above). Course/subjects cannot be changed once training has started.
  6. It is the responsibility of the learners to ensure clients are available for assessments (open salon). The college will on request advertise for clients; however it is the learner’s responsibility to ensure that adequate clients are available.
  7. SHC reserves the right to change dates, tutors or prices without notice, under extreme conditions.
  8. All courses must be completed within original time scale. Learners who have not completed within six months of original booking date course fees will be due payable again. Any learner whose account goes into arrears will have all training suspended until account brought into credit.